Feel Good – Do Good!

It’s no secret that it is easier to do good, and look after others when you feel good.

It’s also well known that if you aren’t feeling so great, doing something for someone else will help you feel better.

Feel Good – Do Good.

Do Good – Feel Good.

It is a virtuous cycle, no matter where you start it. Take a minute to do something things that energise you, and help you feel good – and you create space to lean into opportunities to do good. Take a minute to do some good for some people, to be generous, kind, helpful and present – and you leave feeling good.

Taking control of your own ‘feel good – do good’ cycle is an empowering step towards a fulfilling life of contribution, satisfaction and purpose, however, there are opportunities to help others find their way into their own cycles of feeling and doing good too.

You can help people feel good, by letting them know how wonderful you think they are. You can help them feel good by creating space in their day; taking the initiative to do something for them, allowing them a moment in time to feel good themselves.

It’s possible to also increase the capacity of others to do good, simply by expressing gratitude and recognition of the good they have done for you. Letting others know that they have had a positive impact in your life gives them a sense of doing good that they otherwise may not have had… leading to – you guessed it – feeling good, and doing more good.

These are some of the only gifts that really do help you get as much as you give.

Every day. In every opportunity, look for ways to help others feel good and do good, and keep the cycle going – for you, for others, for everyone.

We are grateful for the support of gentSac at the Just Be Nice Project, Our July ‘Feel Good – Do Good’ campaign has been a resounding success and we look forward to more exciting initiatives in the future.

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