Mens Grooming 101 – It’s a need to know situation

Well, based on the year it’s been, the year of COVID, let’s just say it, I think most of us would be delighted to end up on an island any time soon.. (cue searches current border restrictions, #2020)

Inspired by a campaign the gentSac team have put together for October asking gents in our community – ‘what is one must have product you couldn’t be without if you were ever stranded on a desert island?’  I thought it would be a great time to pull out some essential tips for easy daily routines that support you feeling good.

Whether you need a little nudge to make the time for an easy daily routine, or you’re still in lockdown and have lost your mojo (sorry Melbourne), or you have a routine but want to level up  – these essential grooming tips will remind you how easy it can be and hopefully motivate you to spend that little extra time on you, implement #habitsofexcellence, and feel the feelgood vibes we are always banging on about!

Skincare basics.
The truth is, we all feel more confident with a fresh face. Right?! As our youngest team member Wilbur highlighted in an interview – your face is your money maker! Everything going on with you will show up on your face. Remember to get the basics right first: Good sleep, hydration, healthy food, beyond this a daily routine that you are consistent with will be the thing that supports that 007/Ryan Gosling/insert your man crush here – look, and not just now but for years to come. When you see an impressive, healthy looking man, the chances are he’s got his skincare down. Good news – it’s easy!
  • Cleanse Daily – and n o water doesnt cut it. Not when you factor in sweat, pollution, oil build up etc.. The cleanswers that we choose not only help to really eliminate the crap on your skin, they also replenish your skin with goodness including essential oils that smell great while cleansing.
  • Hydrate with a moisturiser Daily – after cleansing its really important to replenish moisture back into your skin. This avoids your skin over producing oil, it avoids dry skin and it is also anti aging as wrinkles are less likely to appear on well hydrated skin.
  • Exfoliate (otherwise known as Scrub) – once a week. This is a deeper clean getting into the pores, helping to shed the top layer of dead surface skin and removing those unwelcome blackheads.
At gentSac we are known for curating the best in men’s grooming, making your life easier when it comes to choice. Here are the kits that support this routine. You’re welcome.


Beard Care basics.
Well, that ‘beard phase’ has literally turned into a revolution and isn’t going anywhere. So, if like many awesome bearded gents, this is your vibe, then take looking after it seriously and everyone wins. Everyone that gets near your face – and those people I dare say are the most important.
  • Use a beard oil daily to avoid dry, flaky, itchy skin under the beard. Apply and massage right into the skin.
  • Use a beard balm to soften those course bristles so wifey,gf,boyfie, lover doesn’t feel like they are exfoliating whenever they share some facetime with you. It also leave a lovely scent.
  • Invest in a beard brush. This not only feels great for the skin under the beard, it really tames the curly’s or the stibborn hairs that stick out, allowing your beard to look its best.

We suggest:

Shave Basics.
  • Pre shave goals: Remember when I said scrub once a week? Well – team this up as a pre shave ritual and you will have the smoothest shave of your life.
  • Extra sensitive? Apply a pre-shave oil before lathering for extra lubrication to protect that skin.
  • Invest in a safety razor. Not only is this better for the planet and better for your wallet long term,  a single blade shave will give you a closer shave without the razor burn/ingrown hair situation that often occurs with a multi blade cartridge.
  • Post shave goals. Ensure you apply a lightweight post shave balm to soothe skin and tighten the pores. This step is also the most enjoyable and takes no work at all.
  • Wanna level up? Consider a shave brush as part of your ritual. The shave brush will help lift the hair follicles up off the pores also allowing for a smooth and clean shave, long term you’ll save a tonne on shave cream as they create the best lather with very minimal product.

You can start here:

Feel Good Do Good.
Our M.O is for you to Feel Good and Do Good. It is a virtuous cycle and one we are very passionate about. When you Feel good, you do good things and when you do good things, you feel good. Winning. To further spread this message we have partnered with the Just Be Nice Project who look after people in need, for as long as they need it, regardless of how they come to need it. Use the code JUSTBENICE at checkout and a portion of the sale will be donated directly to JBN. You can check out a blog from their Founder Josh Reid Jones here.




Yours truly in grooming and feeling good.

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