Five Tips to improve your routine – Lockdown or No lockdown

It seems appropriate to share some tips around feeling better on – ‘RUOKDAY’

Like anything worth investing it’s not just about today though, it’s about increasing awareness and practicing everyday.. At gentSac we are all about supporting routine and habits of excellence. Yes in grooming, but we advocate for self care and routine in general – our top tips.


  • Have a couple of non-negotiable practices that support your mental health every day. A couple of months ago I wrote a blog with some easy (and free) suggestions that people really resonated with. It’s about a 2 minute read. Check it out here
Self Care Tips
Photo: Dara Munnis. @daramunnis
  • Daily Skincare – Future you will Thank you. It only takes a couple of minutes a day, but consistency is key. Our most loved skincare kit is The Summer Skincare kit – incorporating three easy steps in under 5 minutes!
Popular skincare kit for men
Easy skincare in three steps with SPF
  • For the gents who want to shave, but can’t be F’d or are afraid of the pain. A lot of gents avoid shaving because they haven’t discovered the joy of using the right tools and products. It would be easy to turn into a hairy beast in current times, (cue laughing emoji) but you don’t have to and you can avoid the pains of shaving with our Bye Bye Razor burn Kit – Thank us later 🙂
Sensitive shaving Kit for men
Shave kit for gents with sensitive skin
  • Facial Hair Guru’s. If you are rocking a beard, there are some basics to keep up that will make you feel like King Kong. Check out the Epic Beard Kit. Partners will Thank us too. Everyone is welcome.
Best Beard Kit
Most popular Beard Kit
  • Finally, this one may not seem so obvious in terms of its connection to your routine however, staying connected in a meaningful way to people and to community can really support your state of mind and opportunity to open yourself up to new ideas. Remember there is a beautiful community right here and we are active on Instagram – so feel free to follow us and join in the conversations there.

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Keep looking after one another.