Purchase a Kit in July and you’ll be donating to the Just be Nice project.

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It has been a challenging start to 2020 to say the least and an incredibly eye opening time for many. In the face of adversity we have the choice to really see ourselves and others. It is natural to have survival mode kick in and it is always advised that you look after your self and your mental health first so you can truly show up for those you care about and those in need.

For a lot of us though, we do forget, despite our genuine difficulties, that our concerns are often those of privilege and a lot of our forgotten communities are in desperate need for basic support such as housing, employment and mental health. When we hear the headlines, we have the urge to do something, but as we get swept up in our days our goodwill is denied and often replaced with overwhelm and uncertainty of where to even begin.

This is why we have partnered with The Just be Nice project. JBN is an organisation of its own calibre when it comes to directing all funding and resources to managing your goodwill and ensuring it is used in the most impactful way to achieve the best possible outcomes for those in need. 

This month gentSac have set an intentional goal of raising funds and awareness to support people in getting the help they need, for as long as they need it, regardless of how they have come to need it.

We also aspire to encourage each and every person in our community to remember all they have to be grateful for and lean into that energy during times of challenge. We can do better for one another and this is a great place to start.

Here’s how you can be a part of it:

  • Spend $150 and $10 will automatically be directed straight to the @jbnproject + you will receive a $10 giftcard for your next purchase and an entry into our $1000 giveaway – winner announced August 2nd. If you’re shopping online use the code JUSTBENICE and this will automatically facilitate your donation which we will direct straight to JBN.
  • #giveasac – nominate an amount to donate of $10 or more and you will receive a gentSac satchel with a voucher from us + an entry into the giveaway – you can do this by popping into our store or email us here and we will facilitate your donation. (@george can you make the ‘here’ button create a popup email to [email protected])

  • #goodwillgrooming – head in store for a bargain buy. gentSac have collected a bunch of products to sell for $10 – $20 a piece where all proceeds will go to JBN

Get involved, Feel Good, Do Good and Just be nice.

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