The Bearded Guy

Not all heroes wear capes.. some wear a beard. These kits have everything a bearded gent needs to keep his skin beard-ruff free, his bristles soft and tame (also a gift for his partner) and his face fresh and clean. Just what a beard guy needs.

The Practical Guy

What do you get for the man that needs everything? This is a great place to start for a ‘no fuss’ guy. Inside our reusable Sac comes all the essentials products for daily use. With clean formulas and ‘boss’ packaging (hello, shelf-appeal!) this is the ideal kit for the man that wants to keep it simple – or step it up a notch – or three.

The Active Guy

For the ‘on-the-go guy’ and the guy who likes to stay active. These kits are designed to go anywhere and cover all bases. From gym-bag to rucksack, products are leak free and packaged in our reusable gentSac – the perfect travel companion for a life of adventure.

The Polished Guy

For the man that has it all… or so he thinks, we’ve selected some of our best for the ultimate lifestyle level-up. Whether he’s starting at the top – or elevating a pre-existing routine, this is perfect for the guy that enjoys the finer things in life, all in our reusable gentSac – ideal for first-class travel.

The Zen Guy

These kits offer the ultimate ‘peace-of-mind’, with a routine that promotes self-care through some of our best anti-aging products, packaged in our reusable gentSac. Knowing that he looks refreshed is a great way to feel cool, calm and collected.

The Busy Guy

We’ve included the most essential products to get the guy with a full schedule through some of the busiest days, looking good and feeling good – all in a reusable gentSac.

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