James Kit


As part of the ‘Gents of gentSac’ range, ‘The James Kit’ is inspired by musician and lifestyle influencer James Carter. James’ M.O. is all about consistency and a ‘don’t-give-up’ attitude – which serves him in both his daily routine and his the pursuit of his passions.

Unique point of interest: All about consistency and a don’t give up attitude in your daily routine, which he relates back to his passion for playing piano

Oribe Rough Luxury Molding Wax

Rough Luxury Molding Wax is an ultra-pliable molding paste that smoothly slips through hair before taking hold for definition, texture and shine. Lends a soft touch to short cuts and long layers alike. Great for short cuts and long layers.

Frapin & Cie Isle of Man

Top notes of grapefruit, basil, bitter orange. Heart notes of violet, seal salt note, freesia. Base notes of ironwood, vetiver, musk.

Triumph & Disaster Dark Moon Hydrating Cream

The dark moon is invisible to Earth, silent and hidden in shadow, a deep breath taken before each lunar cycle. ‘Dark Moon’ by Triumph & Disaster represents this concept of reflection and recovery and is designed to work with our body’s natural rhythm. A scientifically engineered hydrating cream, Dark Moon utilises Vitamin C, Olive and Horopito to facilitate healthy, vibrant skin; working silently and naturally in the deep hours before dawn.

Anthony Deodorant

Objective: Be approachable. Strategy: Herbal and botanical extracts deodorise, calendula calms in this aluminium-free formula.

Marvis Toothpaste – Classic Strong Mint

From Italy, this stylish toothpaste makes brushing your teeth anything but routine. The formula helps keep your breath fresh while removing surface stains from your teeth. Plus, the apothecary-inspired tube dresses up the bathroom sink.