Mihan – Sienna Brume Oil Parfum – 8ml


Mihan Aromatic Parfum Oils are carried by Organic Australian Kakadu Plum Seed Oil. Rich with vitamins, antioxidants and antimicrobial qualities it has long been farmed and harnessed by the Bardi people of The Kimberly for its healing properties.

Forever floating in a state of angelical, athletic leisure. Never noticeably influenced by others; In fact, quite indifferent to their cafe chatter. Born of soft coconut cotton and enlivened by deep inhalations of the sea air. Magazine paper and fresh cucumber; unfaltering notes of cool condensation and listless poolside daydreaming. Romantically alone.

  • Cue • Aromatic
  • Top Notes • Sea Air, Bergamot
  • Middle Notes • Soft Coconut, Cucumber
  • Base Notes • Vanilla, Juniper Berry, Copaiba

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