Muhle – Safety Razor Shave Set | Chrome


The Muhle Safety Razor set offers the ultimate clean shave.

Comprising of a traditional double edged safety razor with a closed comb. The safety razor offers the safest and closest shave, utilising the most affordable single blades which are good for the skin.

The safety razor is also best know for providing the smoothest shave & avoiding razor burn or ingrown hairs.

A traditional shave brush, made with the softest synthetic fibres.

The Muhle shave brush will provide a luxurious lather whilst also lifting the hair folicles up off the pores – assisting the razor to once again provide the closest and smoothest shave.

Made in Chrome, built to last a lifetime without any rust.

A timeless addition to the bathroom counter top & an extremely practical and economical purchase.

If it’s a gift we often suggest engraving initials which can be done at the base of the stand or on the head of the razor.

Handmade in Germany by the leading shave accessories brand Muhle and a staple in the gentSac collection.

Available on backorder