Sensitive Skin, Shave Starter Kit


This is the best kit for the young gents who are new to shaving or for the gents that have been avoiding a wet shave due to their sensitive skin. At gentSac we believe in forming habits of excellence and that means knowing what works for you to get the best results. Put your best foot forward with the right products and you’ll wish you started sooner.

What's in the kit?

In this kit you will receive:
  • A Baxter of California Pre & Post shave Tonic. Excellent for preparing the skin before a shave, opening the pores and lifting the hair folicles.
  • An old fashioned shave cream, suitable for sensitive skin, providing a nice lather and a smooth shave for ultimate skin comfort
  • A  Post shave soother which is light and easily absorbed, made with natural ingredients for the most sensitive skin types.
  • Packaged in a Free,  reusable gentSac Satchel
  • Free grooming product samples
  • Free shipping