The Bearded Chap – Natural Matte Cream


Get that natural relaxed beach look with our Sea Salt Texture Spray.

Designed to replicate that salty beach texture and feeling you get after getting out of the surf, giving you a light hold and matte finish. Our Sea Salt Texture Spray can be used as a stand alone product, to add volume and a gritty texture without the crunch of normal hair products. Alternatively, use it as a pre-styling product before blow drying to help set hair for further sculpting. A super versatile hair product that offers a care free, textured and voluminous look along with a light hold and matte finish.Suitable for all hair types, apply to damp or dry hair for that natural look or blow dry for extra volume and texture. With a Dark Vanilla & Oud Wood scent profile, our Sea Salt Texture Spray will bring that ocean vibe and style every time you use it.


Why You’ll Love Our Sea Salt Texture Spray

Gives you a salty beach based texture with matte finish for natural look.

Light hold

pre-styling product & blowdry for more volume & texture.

Standout for textured and curly hair.

Delicious Dark Vanilla & Oud Wood scent.

Made from natural ingredients.

Contains essential vitamins and minerals that nourish hair.

Handcrafted and individually poured in our factory in Brisbane, Australia.


Product Specs

Hold: Light

Finish: Matte/ Natural

Style: For all hair types. Natural, voluminous, and textured look.

Scent: Dark Vanilla & Oud Wood.

Scent notes: Subtle notes of dark vanilla mixed with spicy and deep oud wood undertones.

Product Type: Hair Styling Sea Salt Texture Spray

Size: e150ml

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