Safety Razor Shave Sets

Safety razors, often called a double edge razor, have been around since the 1880s. This type of razor uses a disposable single razor blade and the rest of the razor is typically made from from metal (meaning it will last a lifetime!).

These razor blades can be used on both sides (hence the name double edged) and are replaced when they dull. Under the blade there is a safety bar which prevents the blade from pointing directly onto the skin, instead, it must be used at a certain angle for there to be contact between the blade and the skin. You can learn more about Safety Razors on the blog.

Mach 3 Shave Sets

These shave sets have a reusable handle that takes replacement, multiple blade cartridges, which simply snap into place. Cartridge razors have multiple blades that are layered on top of each other, which is different to the single blade of a safety razor.

The shave sets we sell are compatible with the Gillette Mach 3 cartridges. Great for convenience and for the gents who prefer to shave with a cartridge razor.